Blonde hair colors with highlights ideas

Often, after the latest fashion trends do not leave us with many choices, especially when it comes to bright color is blond hair. Many people have the mistaken idea that blond looks wonderful on their own and really no need anything. But a girl could get bored with light blonde hair without going into some funk now and then.

It is the dark story that often get bored with dark brown hair day and day. Without a highlight or a new color, even the prettiest hair look flat and unnatural. Why torture yourself and your hair the same color and style? For the next trip to the salon, not only for trimming routine, but going forward with a new color. In this article we have many ideas of color blond and brown hair different that everyone should be interested. You have tons of options if you love the idea of ​​uniting both these colors and develop a whole new look for you. Do not follow a color. Adds versatility to your hair with hair the color of these techniques.

Blonde hair Highlights

If you believe that hair can not show or highlight color enhanced and are imagining things. Clearly it can. If you have never had the courage to acquire one, close your eyes and take the plunge. Trust me, no regret.

Brunettes: A perfect way to add highlights to brown hair blonde highlights is added in random locations. When the sun hits these highlights, will give a lighter look and make your hair look brighter than normal.

Blonde: To make your hair look less brassy blonde and richer than its original color, you need to highlight hair. Relief added a thin strip of color that is darker than the original hair color. You can change your hair blonde with brown highlights without being too bold or dramatic about it and get a wealth of butter. Streaks

Another idea of ​​blond hair color can add brown streaks bolder than bold. With brown hair blonde streaks can search real “freaky” after they are close to each other. So you want to go to add streaks of color throughout your hair. If you have bangs, try a bold blonde sample within them (if not bold says I’m not sure what you will). As for the blonde, you can choose dark brown streaks. But instead of going from thin strips, opt for the slightly thick. This will probably her blonde strands look fabulous.

Under hair Color

Many of you may be familiar with low hair color. For those who are unknown to the concept, the meaning of color is to keep the original color of your hair and simply add a contrasting color underneath. To refine the ideas of color in hair color – get the hair color right for you, just follow the tips below.

Brunettes: Ask your hairdresser to make use of hair dye only in the lower layer. Rubio’s tone in her dark brown hair will give them more depth.

Blonde: Comparable on, ask your hairdresser to make use of the dye Rubio in the bottom layer only. While flipping hair ponytail or tie up, will be showing its low color perfectly. Now, you’re not color ideas blonde hair and brown creative and subtle? We were celebrating some color ideas blonde and brown hair. Why therefore is more fun blondes or brunettes steal the show? Any color of your hair is, if not change the style, color and haircut from time to time, you will soon tire of it. Bring flash and funk into his life with her beautiful hair, following our advice on hair color ideas blonde and brown. Is not that worth?