Blonde hair shades with pictures

The blonde color is fashionable again, although in reality always, was and is one of the preferred choices for women of all races. It is no coincidence that choice, but need not be true the famous myth, “blondes have more fun,” yellow is a color that distinguishes the human eye first, so this hair tone continues to be one of the most striking, and is always associated with youth and brightness of a woman.

So if you are already convinced that you will be better with blonde hair, go ahead. Current dyes, and bleaching processes allow you to get the hair color you want, even if your original tone is more like black.

In Urban Women , we have always said that the best tone for each woman is its natural color, and if you want to change it, your best options are about 3 shades lighter or darker than yours. However, nothing prevents you from experimenting with tones far beyond these limits, because we all like playing with different colors, cuts and styles, become almost like a new woman!

Today we’ll help you define what is the tone of blonde suits you best depending on the color of your skin.

Beige or peach skin

The skin cream or peach is the most common light skin, which is not too white, but neither can be considered tanned. If you have this color skin and your eyes are clear, your best option is a natural light blonde color, similar to what has Cameron Diaz in the picture. This tone highlights her eyes and gives birth to her face. If your eyes are dark you can try the range of golden blonde, but always within the pale blond to awakening your skin requires.


Dark or tanned skin

The dark-skinned women may also be blondes. For those with dark or tanned skin, blonde is the best dark golden blonde. An example of good use of this golden hue is what gives us Tiffani Amber Thiessen when she decided to become a blonde. This dark golden blonde tone softens does highlight the features and skin tone.


White skin

For extremely white skin, the best are the cool tones that complement perfectly the pale an extra light ash blonde, that perfectly complements your skin tone by creating a very fine and delicate look, almost ethereal.