How Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a sport that was born in Norway in the early twentieth century. The goal of the game is basically an improved physical condition and able to reach the winter in a peak physical condition. The Nordic walking is a sport that is practiced mainly in autumn, but also in spring. Here’s how Nordic walking in a healthy and safe.

Much more effective than jogging (burn twice the calories!)
- With little strain on your back and joints.

Nordic Walking is the new discovery of soft sport and health benefits. Accessible to all, sports or not, the world, young and not so young, men, women, etc..

To practice properly should go Nordic walking course, but remember that the correct movement starts when the heel touches the ground and ends at the time in which the toes and push off the ground. Make the alternative movement, the left foot forward while your right hand will do. Make sure the foot that fully supports the floor of the heel to give the fingers. Walk with your back relaxed, with hands and sticks close to the body. This will help you last longer and have no laces to Nordic walking. Do not hold too strong sticks and opens the palm of your hand when you finish push to make the walking stride. At end, take the club forward again. Try pushing the sticks from behind the line of the pelvis. To read more articles like how Nordic walking, we recommend you enter our category of Athletics.
Contact a personal trainer for you to explain how Nordic walking.