How to attract bees

With the arrival of spring comes a flurry of activity in all parks. Among this frenetic activity we can find the charge carrying bees, which are among the charged with the task of pollination and honey are generating part. If you’ve ever crossed his mind to create your own hive, in this article you will find some tips that will serve to attract bees to your hive.

Attract new hive bees is not easy. Influenced by many factors, and in most cases, you can install bees in the hive can not be in very good health or are of low yield of honey. So the first advice I offer is that as with any other animal, if you have several swarms of bees, new members must go through a quarantine period because this way you will avoid if they are in good health can transmit any disease to other bees and instead of increasing our apiary, which drastically reduced.

If it’s your first time, the advice I give is that you pick up an old hive. They are very inexpensive and are ideal to start. Recommend filling the inside of the hive with a swarm hunting with some type of propolis such as the old wax or wax stretched. These are the best ingredients to swarm. Do not have access to them there are many other products on the market that can perform the same function. In any case we remind you that it is not an easy task.

Do not give up if you can not attract bees it is a task that is not simple and when you get the feeling you get is indescribable except that from the time you begin to enjoy a wonderful honey.