How to be photogenic

Do you hate taking pictures because you always come out wrong? Have you met someone through attractive picture and you appreciate (or) but when you see it in person looks nothing like the picture? Why some people find it to be photogenic natural and others not?. Try these tricks to see if you do not stop take pictures …

Dress in clothing colors you favor. Certain colors complement certain skin tones, while others make it look worse. You can get a feel for what colors to look better, but if you go investigate testing various colors.
Hide your flaws. The bad thing about photographs is that they are simply frozen images of an angle in a moment of time, can not show all your good qualities. The good thing about them is that you can easily hide certain features you do not like. If you have a look ugly on the side of your face, for example, shows the other side of the face.
Get rid of double chin (double chin). Tilt your head down slightly and try to position yourself so that the camera is slightly above your eye level. This effectively hide the double chin. You can also put a hand under your chin as if you are resting your head on your hand (pointing the thumb side of your hand toward you). It actually reclines weight on the hand. You can also try putting your tongue on your palate.
Lift your neck. A trick of the models is to present an attitude 3/4 of the camera (this is to turn your head to expose 3/4 of it to the camera, not a picture front) and then lift your neck and lean slightly your upside down, like you are a turkey sticking its head out (without actually push your chin out). This improves facial definition and you will help improve wrinkles and sagging skin.

Think happy. An artificial or forced smile can make you look stiff and strange. To remedy this, try to time your smile so you do not have to carry it out too long. Imagine something really fun or thinking someone how your girlfriend (or) your spouse (or) or child, so, get a genuine smile. If you do not like your smile or your teeth, try a smile closed or partially closing your mouth.
Smile with your eyes. Nothing projects happiness and beauty as more smiling eyes. Practice in front of mirror, opening his eyes and a smile relaxed until a smiling glance.
Listen to your mother. Remember you always said you your mother about good manners? Good posture can dramatically improve your appearance in photos. Sitting or standing straight in your eyes makes it healthier and more alert and more attractive. Remember to breathe normally and relax your shoulders. Especially if you have poor posture, can be difficult to stand and look straight and stiff, practice this in the mirror.
Get the best photographer. Professional photographers know how realtar the beauty in people. Although not always going to hire a photographer when you need to get better and you have all the necessary equipment to do their work, camera, lighting, etc..
Correct or enhance your photos. If you’ve tried everything but still can not get a good picture, try slightly altering your digital photos. Change the lighting effects or filter effects, for example, can dramatically improve the look of your complexion.
Pretend your love for the camera. Many people who are photogenic because they like have their pictures taken, and that is why they are always relaxed and natural look, if you do not like the camera and pretend that you love and always will smile at the camera.