how to Clean your lungs after smoking

One of the greatest health benefits of quitting smoking is lung capacity greater than ex-smokers after recovering steadily polluting your lungs of tar and other harmful chemicals. While the lungs, of course, yes of course, there are certain strategies can be used to smoke first accelerate the process, including certain foods and try different holistic techniques. however, in the end, the best way to ensure that your lungs after smoking is to follow a lifestyle free of smoke.
Eat garlic.

one of the best foods to eat when you are trying to clean your lungs smoking message is garlic, oil or food. garlic can help remove excess mucus in the sinus cavities after the mucus has come out of the lungs, mucus from the lungs is actually a positive as mucus helps remove toxins from the cigarette, but can become discomfort in the sinuses. Garlic also helps pass smoking poisons your skin pores. other spices, such as radish and ginger can also produce effects similar to garlic. however, spices, garlic and other natural medicines have not been scientifically proven to work and should not be treated as definitive methods for cleaning the lungs.

Avoid irritants air as much as possible. this may include air filters, cleaning chemicals based on car exhaust and pollen. modern society has a number of irritating air as possible, but the recovery of a smoker should try to avoid putting extra pressure on your lungs because your body is already working to clear the lungs of smoke damage.

Wait. the body over time, of course, is cleaned of toxins stopped smoking. most people are returning lung ancient fortress in about two weeks, and the production of cough and mucus that occurs after smoking cessation usually resolves within a month.

Tips & Warnings
- Reduce consumption of foods that produce extra mucus, especially dairy products. the body to produce mucus is necessary to clean the toxins from the snuff, extra mucus production will only make the lungs work harder and less effective.