How to cure dust allergy


The ‘allergy is an exaggerated and sometimes harmful reaction to foreign substances known as allergens. The ‘allergy is caused by dust mites in the dust. Symptoms can include itching, sneezing, stuffy nose, watery eyes, wheezing and airway inflammation. If they are suffering, here are some tips on how to cure the allergy to dust.


Step 1: Avoid the “guilty”. Sometimes, the best way to reduce the discomfort of allergy is to avoid exposure to the allergen as much as possible. So keep a house clean and avoid places where there may be dust as old cabinets, top of the furniture and under the bed. Go at once to some place with good ventilation where dust is not likely to accumulate.

Step 2: Wash eyes with clean cold water. Rinse the eyes can ease the discomfort and provide immediate relief.

Step 3: Use a warm towel. If you have congestion because of allergy, you can use a cloth soaked in warm water to get some relief. Dip a piece of clean cloth in hot water and then put it on the nose. Leave on face for about a minute while you take deep breaths.

Step 4: Inhalation. In pharmacy selling inhalers, similar to the pots, where you just add a teaspoon of salt diluted in warm water and a saline solution, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The nose will be sprayed immediately and will take your breathe. This is because the solution removes dust particles in the congested nose which cause inflammation.

Step 5: Clean the hair and remove any foreign material. You never know when the dust has contaminated hair. It ‘better to wash them after a day outdoors or in a dusty room before they get symptoms.

Step 6: Hot bath. If the symptoms of allergies to dust began to be unbearable, a long hot shower or bath can wash the body by removing all particles of dust and relieve symptoms.

Step 7: Use an antihistamine. If the ‘ allergy is excessive, consult your doctor for a prescription for an antihistamine. Not cure the allergy, but it will soothe the symptoms.