How to cure runny nose

┬áThe runny nose is a symptom of the common cold and is commonly referred to as “runny nose”. The change of season from summer to autumn can put a strain on the entire body with colds and flu symptoms. How to prevent?
The runny nose may also have other symptoms such as headaches, irritamento the eyes and throat that causes that were very similar to those of influenza, which, however, are always part of rhinorrhea.

What causes the runny nose?

The runny nose may result from chronic sinusitis or seasonal allergies such as pollen, spores and molds that are dispersed in the environment. Also read how to cure allergy to ragweed.
The runny nose can also occur throughout the rest of the year and in this case is linked to perennial allergens such as dust mites, cat dander or altir types of animals. In fact, about eight million Italians suffer from this type of allergy, 20% of the population.
The runny nose is an annoyance that can copire even those who are not used to keep your feet on the ground and second expert homeopaths, is a disorder accused by people with physical long-limbed, slender and tall, the so-called “phosphoric types” with a sensitivity ale low temperatures.
Help can come from the table: to be eliminated from the diet that increase milk secretion, it actually increased the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Consume plenty of calcium by taking cabbage and broccoli; useful algae due to iodine content, improve the situation.