how to deal with head lice

Lice are highly contagious and troublesome pests that can affect children as well as adults. And do not think it is lack of cleanliness: they move with extraordinary speed from one head to another and lay their eggs even in the cleanest of the hair. But do not be discouraged: here we tell you some recommendations to avoid, eliminate and keep those nasty bugs away from your family and your home.

When someone else says is a “lousy”, usually what they mean is that someone is dirty and unkempt. Is that many say this, but it is a myth: when these small insects decide to elect a new head for food, also lice prefer clean hair and shiny, and do not distinguish between sex, age or social position.
Lice are parasitic insects that live in people’s heads and feed on their blood. It is generally deposited behind the ears or nape area and cause a tingling sensation in her hair, intense itching and irritation and can even cause infections that, in reality both are due to scratching. Sometimes, they can also form small lumps or red bumps on the scalp, neck and shoulders. Can also be seen as dandruff, but unlike dandruff, can not be removed when you brush your hair.
Although they have wings, head lice are extremely contagious and can spread from one person to another by close contact with a hug, for example, or by sharing combs and brushes or clothing such as hats, scarves, towels or sheets.
Therefore, school, public transport, the club and the slumber party are ideal situations for these insects the size of a rice grain to pass from one head to another, spreading their eggs. And every female louse can lay over 100 nits in your life!
Are you about to cry? Wait a minute. If you suddenly discover that your children come home with lice, no way to control them and eliminate them. To do this you can use any product for pediculosis (so named to this position), which can be counter or prescription, such as shampoos or lotions that you can easily purchase at the pharmacy.
It is recommended that you use these products with a special comb, small teeth together, especially designed to remove lice and nits. Mójale your child’s hair by the comb Come on in sectors and calmly, piece by piece and lift it until you drive without completely from scalp to ends, dragging all lice and nits are. Then, repeat the treatment every three or four days, two weeks, to ensure that it is not anything (a louse) in the head of your son.
Before starting treatment, check to everyone in your house and aplícaselo to all who have been infected at the same time. This prevents the lice remain in circulation indefinitely. Also, let them know at school to review all children in their homes, do not you ashamed!
Then, while you treat your children for lice, remember to wash with hot water all that has been in contact with the heads of your children, such as clothing and bedding; sucks all fabric items such as carpet, furniture and even the chairs in the car, and if there are objects that can not or will not wash, put them in sealed plastic bags for two weeks. This is necessary since lice can live up to 2 days out of the head and nits, up to 1 week.
The attack lice prevent your children can be difficult, but if you find a friend or colleague does, check the heads of your children at least once a week to check if you have been infected or not. The earlier you detect these pesky parasites, the easier fight.
Also, ask the children not to share combs, brushes or hair accessories, hats not prove or hats with other children and use their own pillow and towels, in case you go to bed at the home of a friend .
With these simple steps can prevent these unpleasant insects can be distributed over everywhere in your home, and you can keep the heads clean and free of lice and nits.