How to decorate fingernails

f you like to wear nails decorated but are not very skilled to make drawings on your own or if the nails of the right hand fend it costs an awful lot like the left, do not worry because there are plenty in the market for items like stickers, rocks or templates that will help you keep your hands and arranged very easily.

These are small stickers that can be placed on the nail or the nail directly. You only have to paint your nails the color that you like, stick it in the area that best suits you and put a layer of clear nail polish to protect it and they will last longer. It is an economical option to put fantasy in your hands. These packs can be found in the Chinese bazaars, shops specializing in manicures, etc.. The price will vary depending on where the acquire.

Start by arranging your nails. Límalas and cut them, and fix your skin and cuticles, to let them clean. Then, as always we recommend you wash your hands by rubbing your nails with soap to remove any debris that could affect the final finish, or facilitate the glaze off.

And dry your hands, apply the nail polish. Prefer the lighter colors to improve the final appearance. You can give one or two layers, depending on the coverage of the enamel of your choice. Let dry thoroughly for not less than 30 minutes to ensure perfect drying.
Pour a little alcohol (one centimeter, not more) in the container. Place the strips of paper inside, to be well hydrated, and leave for about five minutes at least. Then, just take one piece and place it on one of your fingernails, the way you want it to be in the form. Try to deposit the paper and press firmly, lightly beat with your fingers, without moving the paper. Leave the paper on the nail for a few seconds to settle, then carefully remove it. Allowed to sit for another minute.

Then, pour a few drops of alcohol on the nails, and rub gently with the tips of your fingers to remove any remaining paper fiber would have been. Quiet, the ink will not come off. These rhinestone carousels you can find them in stores like Nature Reserve and bring many colors to put in a simple decor. You will also need to purchase glue to attach artificial nails.

May also be put on nail polish or directly. You can combine stickers and rhinestones for a more sophisticated look.

These stickers are very good putting on the line where the line ends of the French manicure. It is a simple but elegant touch. As you can see are of the Essence brand. I do not know the brand but is said to be fairly inexpensive and have very tempting makeup and accessories. Once you know of a store in my town that sells the brand, I will make a visit. Yes, yes, are pierced for nails! Usually they bring a little bit to make the hole in the nail and put the colgantito. I really do not know is whether to use any type herramineta taladrito to open the hole.

Since then we have no excuse to say we do not have time to keep nails beautiful, maintained or elegant. Furthermore, if we find nothing in stores (which I doubt) through Ebay type internet pages, we have all types and prices.