how to do a backflip

how to do a back-flip
All of us when we watching on t.v and we see the athletics person how can do such more of moves we asking if it was easy to do and how we can do the same thing and one of the movements is backflip it’s not so easy but you can learn it as soon as you practice on it so¬† let us teach you how to do a backflip.

1-Backfilp is just like a climbing back , You can try first to jumping a straight and wipe your arms on the air.and do it many many times.
2-Then you start of seating on your knee the raise you arms and jump.
3-After this practicing and feel that you are ready to do it higher so you can yous a spotter.
4-When you starting make sure of that both of you leg in the same line.
5-Make your shoulders curved forward but not a lot.
6-Jumping straight and wipe again you arms over your head
7-You must take care when you are going down to make it fast , you can also practice step by step on higher and more different ways to you can enjoy feel like flying .