How to do a fishtail plait step by step

We could have exceeded all our mothers woven mats made us wear in primary school, but that does not mean you can not update the look with a certain sophistication. This look is perfect for hair days is not so perfect, and for a trip to the gym or a night out with friends.


Part your hair in the middle of your head and keep this all straight down the back of your neck. Hold the right section in your right hand and the left side of the left. Let go of a section just long enough to catch a small tuft of hair (about the width of your little finger), preferably on the outermost part of the large section, and the other cross section, by grasping the respective hand. Then take the section fell again, and let go with your other hand. Repeat the procedure with this hand, and through the small section in the other side. Keep going back and forth, repeating the process until you have fully braided hair. Secure the look with a tight rubber band, and spray with hairspray to finish. There are many variations on this style you can play with as well.

If you go for a more funky look untidy, pull some of the top of your head and pin up while you braid. When finished, loose curl at the top and drop it onto the braid. You can also take the side of the braid once you have finished giving it a more leisurely look. And leaving some bulk at the top and starting a small braid can elevate this style look more grown up. You’re never too old for a braid!