How to do batik painting


How to make a batik ?

To make a batik we need equipments such as : white cloth (can silken, cloth mixture or cotton of polyester), pencil to write batik’s desain, canting which made as bamboo, leading copper and also have nozzle or trap, this canting function’s like a pen. Canting is used to transfer with a spoon hot liquid wax, which is used to protect or cover the colour, gate (place to put to the sun cloth), wax, small stove and a little pan to heat.

Its steps shall be as follows :

1- First step of us to make batik’s desain above white cloth with pencil usually called molani. In determination of pattern, usually every body have own appetite. Some prefers to make own pattern, the others follow common patterns which have there is.

2- Second step is to use canting which have contained liquid wax to arrange in layers wanted motif. Its purposed to dip so that materials a moment into colourant condensation, part of which given by wax coat is not dipped be hit. After running dry, plunging cloth into colourant condensation.

3- Last process is nglorot, which cloth have turned colour to be braised with hot water. The purpose is to eliminate wax coat, so that pattern which have been drawn is stand-out. You need don’t worry, this dipping will not make you pattern which have draw to be mix with colour, because the cloth tabletop still blanketed by flimsy coat (wax do not fully discolour).

For the result is recognized batik cloth with cloth of batik tulis. That name is given, because beside batik tulis (hand drawn), there is also batik cap (stamped batik), batik printing, batik painting and sablon.