How to do big hairstyles

To grow her hair faster? We dream, but is it really possible? How to grow hair faster?
In general, it is difficult to achieve a growth of hair spectacular unless you use extensions !
However, we can achieve visible results in maintaining his hair and with some tips and remedies grandmothers!

How to grow her hair faster when they are constantly undermined by our daily, weather, poor diet, the products we use and pollution? To promote good hair growth , we must first take care of her hair as possible.


Here are some tips:

1- First, if this is not the case, take care of your diet. Some foods are also recommended for promoting the growth of hair . Prefer fish and fatty fish like tuna or Think of vegetable oils, nuts and also cereals.

2- Be sure to choose shampoo suited to your hair type (dry, oily, color etc..) and alternate with absolutely shampoos sweet.

3- Do not ignore the masks for nourishing dry ends because of beautiful hair long to be particularly carefully about the length! The frequency of masks is usually a week.

4- Please have nutritional supplements and trace elements. The ideal is to keep her hair to make cures for three months with capsules of trace elements or bulbs regenerating to counter the effects of seasonal changes. You can also use nutritional supplements such as calcium, iron, magnesium and minerals, which nourish the hair really from within. Seek medical advice before starting to make a cure .

5- Make it a habit to massage the scalp. Do not hesitate to give you a massage or get a massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation , and thus oxygenation of leather: the new hair will come faster!

6- Swap your traditional brush for a natural fiber brush, preferably wild boar. These fibers WILL DAMAGE your hair less. Also avoid the dryer too close to the head!

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