How to do calligraphy Arabic

Start by learning a few rules:

– You have to draw a single line, a horizontal solid line. The letters will be plotted on the vertical line.
– What is called “El Chakle” is very important, it nicely fills the drawing.
– The calligraphy is also geometric figures, which must calculate the location and size.
– A letter is not drawn in the same way as it is placed at the beginning, middle or end of a word. At the beginning and the end, the end of the letter tends to elongate, whereas in the middle it will be rather cumbersome.
– The calligraphy is based more on the beauty of the letters on the meaning, which is not always understandable.

Before you embark alone on the calligraphic adventure, learn to imitate what has already been done. Take a model and copy it carefully. You will get an idea of ​​what exists, how can we harmonize the letters between them, bind them, draw them, separate the words. Then you can try your own designs, also playing on the colors.