How to do calligraphy letters

2- Use lined paper. I just use plain line and wrote in a couple of lines at once, but you can also buy the paper used for kindergartens to practice their alphabet.

3- Choose the style of calligraphy that would like to begin with. The same applies here as with the selection of calligraphy pen, home base and then go from there.

4- Prepare your workplace. You can practice their handwriting on any surface hard and smooth, but a sloping desk can make it easier to control the calligraphy pen. Because calligraphy has slats detail and slows the boom control can be tricky, but once mastered, ultimately, improve their handwriting.

5- Enter your calligraphy alphabet over and over until you get it right. You mainly trace the letters a few times before going to a show of hands, but may do better by looking at the cards and try to imitate. Start with lower case and then go to the capital letters. Use small populations without learning problems.