How to do calligraphy with a pencil

At a calligraphy class with Kitty Sabatier, I wanted to learn the Roman cursive, and the opportunity came to use the pencil, Being left handed, I was looking for a way around the problem of flow of ink.

The technique of calligraphy pen is not akin to drawing letter. Rather it is to adapt the ancient techniques of calligraphy pen and other tools to a tool square toe pointed toe, but in some ways that can help create a calligraphic.



The principle is to use the weight and pressure of his hand. When you press, you get a thick line and release a thinner line. The whole game is to press and release at the right time for full and loose.

All alphabets may agree in pencil, but will be used more easily Chancellor, or a gesture based on the Chancellor. Modern forms of gesture are especially suited to technical pen. It gives them a lightness, harmony, more difficult to control with a pen, drawing pen or a cola-pen.
The English translation is also interesting enough to write a practice pen. Moreover, it is always useful to start this writing with a pencil properly to ask its bases.

Technology application in pencil so some knowledge of traditional calligraphic forms.

Although the tool may seem simpler and more affordable, it is advisable to take your time in the movement of the pencil.
Since the motion depends on the pressure exerted on the tool, the slowness is rather an advantage. It avoids a bad balance in weight distribution of the letter.
We must not conflate gestures and speed, precipitation would be clearly a factor additional difficulty.


You can use any type of pencil, but I advise to start taking a criterion as thin as possible. Take a pencil at the beginning of the year does not end the development of this technique. Better to work from the start with more constraints, and then to bring out and test all the possibilities of pencils. (5B of the 5HB).
It is also preferable to use powder pencil that does not or does not clear, especially when his features gum!
Personally, I like to use colored pencils like “Faber-Castell” pencil “belor karismacolor” same old crayons and found here and there.