How to do divorce papers by yourself

3- Make two copies of all forms of divorce. Take the original forms and copied to the Clerk of the courthouse and file your case. Pay the filing fee.

4- Serve your soon to be ex-wife. The documents must be served by someone other than yourself. The person must be 18 years. The courthouse sheriffs department has also to be used in your forms for a fee. The person who served the paperwork must complete a proof of service form and submit it to the Court. If you are physically unable to have your ex-wife will soon be served, send the forms by certified mail.

5- Wait for a response. Once your papers are served, your spouse must satisfy the Court. Generally, you both must appear in court on a given date. If there is no response from the other party and if it does not indicate the date of the Court, will be given a date when your divorce is final. If your spouse responds and contests the divorce, you will be given a date to appear in Court.

Tips & Warnings

Keep a copy of everything concerning your divorce.

When you visit the facilitator of family law, Discover business hours. Generally it is first come, first served. Arrive at least an hour early to get your name on the list to be seen. The Office of the reserve only a finite number of such room per day.

These steps describe the basic process of filing, your case could be more complicated. Confirm the procedures in your state – laws vary in different jurisdictions.