How to do fake nails at home

For special occasions or year, some women wear false nails, above their natural nails. Of course we can have them put in a salon, but there are the traditional solution: put them all alone, like a big, home! First, a visit to the supermarket or the perfume is needed to buy your artificial nails. You can buy them already colored or take a neutral color then to put the polish.

There are two methods to press his false nails: with glue in a tube or using small double-sided adhesive. For the latter, it is good to add some glue to better hold. Arrange the false nails on a table and make sure they are the right size at the width of your fingernail. For the length, do not worry, you taillerez then to the desired length. Then, spread some glue on your natural nail and place it over your false nails. Keep pressing on for about two minutes, until the glue sets well.


For better adhesion, add a little glue. Once all your false nails are installed, follow the nail polish. Attention at the very beginning, if one is not accustomed to artificial nails, it is not easy to have specific actions! When the varnish is dry, cut your false nails to desired length, as they are often too long. It is best to cut them square. And there you have nails star! You get used to very quickly and it helps to have original nails. Moreover, all fantasies are allowed because it is insanely trend .