How to do french knitting tips

4- Label each of the four pins (mentally, of course) as north, south, east, and west. No need for pins to correlate to actual directions as long as you don’t switch north and east halfway through the knitting process.

5- Wrap the ball side of the yarn clockwise around the north pin.

6- Wrap the yarn around the west pin so that it is taut between them. The taut yarn should run on the inside of the pins, closer to the central hole.

7- Continue wrapping, counterclockwise, in this manner with the south and east pins.

8- Repeat the whole wrapping thing so that you have two loops on each pin.


1- Starting with the north pin, pick up the bottom (first) loop with your needle and pull it over the pin, then drop it, leaving only the top and second loop on the pin.

2- Repeat this process with each pin, working counterclockwise (i.e. n, w, s, e). Pull the stitch tight by gently tugging at the tail coming out of the bottom of the knitter’s hole.

3- Wrap the yarn as you did before, but only once. Again, you should have 2 loops on each pin.

4- Do the whole bottom-loop-over-pin procedure again.

5- Continue wrapping and dropping loops until you can see the knitted part of it protruding from the bottom. It should form a stretchy, four-sided tube that tapers to a point.

6- Knit until your tube is a satisfactory length.

7- Cast Off.

8- Pick up the single remaining loop on the north pin and lift it over the west pin.

9- Pick up the bottom loop of the west pin, pull it over, and drop it just like you have been doing.

10- Repeat for the west and south pins.

11- When only one loop is left on the east pin, cut the yarn with an ample tail, thread it through the loop, and unhook it from the pin.

12- Finished!