How to Do Makeup for Blue Dress

If you wear a blue dress, the right makeup will work with the color your clothes. The color of your eyes The skin and the dress can play a role in how you should best apply your makeup. With a bit of personality and practice, you can properly apply your makeup in a way that will accentuate your blue clothes and show off your best assets. Shades of blue, brown and plum work best for blue dresses.

An eye:
First, apply a coat of foundation for your skin to cover any defects or imperfections and even your skin tone. Then start with your eyes. Consider adding a layer of foundation to your eyelids as this will help your eye shadow stay in place. Starting from the inside corner of the eye, apply a coat of eye shadow to the crease with an angled brush. If your dress is navy blue or a darker blue, think eye in brown, gold or dark blue. If your dress is a lighter blue, consider using the shadows in shades of pink, white or blue. Avoid using a shade too close, as this will give your makeup look costume. Line the eyes with an eyeliner pencil navy blue or dark brown. Black or brown eyeliner looks best on women with blue eyes or similarly clear. Navy lining looks best on women with darker eyes. Finish with a layer of black or navy mascara to bring your daring look.


For lips:
For dresses that are a darker shade of blue, warm, deep red or plum work better on your lips. For dresses that are blue powder , Or a periwinkle blue sky, a pale pink or nude will look better. Start by drawing a pencil liner on the edges of your lips to accentuate the shape of your lip. Then fill it with a brush or directly with a tube of lipstick inside your lips. Blend your eyeliner with a brush. For a matt, stop here. For a shiny appearance that will add shimmer, consider adding a transparent layer of lip gloss to give your lips a brilliant, look embrace.

Finishing Touches:
Consider adding a touch of powder blush on apples of your cheeks. As with the rest of your makeup, a shade darker blue dress will work best with a shade or plum blush richer. Light shade blue dress will work best with shades of blush pink or pink. To highlight the front corners and inside of your eyes, apply a thin layer of white powder or shimmery nude. After fully applying your look, consider adding a layer of glitter all over her face. This will give your face a healthy glow while keeping your makeup in place. Use sparingly for a fresh look. If you do not want to use blue eye shadow, do not hesitate to use rich brown or green color that will complement your dress.