How to do temporary tattoos at home

Semi-permanent tattoos

The semi-permanent tattooing is performed as traditional tattoos but the ink is inserted only in the epidermis and is eliminated naturally with the skin renewal. In addition, inks called “biodegradable” can be used to facilitate the removal of pigments. This type of tattoo fades after three to five years minimum. In some cases it may take much longer to disappear, or even remain partially indelible. Few scientific studies have been done about this but it appears on many sites and forums such as tattoos and brands may leave permanent scars. It is therefore advisable that you make inquiries with a dermatologist before making such a choice.


Styles and practices

Besides the ability to make tattoos black and white or color, there are many different styles and practices.

This list is not exhaustive. The tattoo art is constantly evolving and new styles appear regularly.

* Tribal: Tribal tattoo style graphics offers a bold lines, usually in black or less commonly in shades of gray. The motifs are inspired by primitive rituals or symbols are simply abstract patterns. This style of tattoo is often carried on the shoulder or strap around the arm in men and in the lower back in women.

* Art pointillist or point (or dot-dot art-work for English speakers): the design of the tattoo is done wholly or partly based on points, giving the effect of original materials in tattooing. This style is largely inspired by the pointillism used in Impressionist painting.

* Realistic: Realistic style is to run patterns as the most realistic, most successful even give the impression of seeing real pictures. The most common tattoos are realistic portraits.

* Asian: Asian style is inspired by Asian art and often used representations of dragons, fish (especially koi), Buddha, or kanji. The drawing style is very close to the old drawings and prints Chinese and Japanese. Moreover, one must differentiate the Asian style of Irezumi, it concerns only tattoos big sizes achieved traditional.

* Celtic: Celtic tattoo consists of designs inspired by Celtic art (Celtic crosses and knotwork, mythological creatures, etc..). It is mostly black.

* Polynesian: The Polynesian-style tattoo is characterized by traditional motifs from Polynesian culture. The tattoo is done only in black and is composed of curved lines or stylized representations of animals (shark, turtle, lizard, etc..).

* Old school or “traditional”: the old school grounds are run according to traditional Western. It is made with thick outlines, strong black shadows and uses bright primary colors. The designs are often inspired rock ‘n’ roll and repeat themes of the 50s and 60s. Drawings pinup, pink, tiger, playing cards, or military symbols or sea are widespread examples of this style of tattoo.

* New school: the new school style is a modernized version of old school style. The grounds are always very colorful but contain more degraded, and are more modern inspiration. The lines are wide and marked, and we find inspiration close to the comics, or manga comics.

* Biomechanics: the biomechanical tattoo style incorporates mechanical, biological and organic. It can be constructed to give the impression that the reason lies under the skin or tears. It is a style of tattoo widely present in the community and cyberpunk draws heavily on the world of science fiction.

* Gothic: the Gothic designs are inspired Gothic, gruesome or gore, they are often made in black and shades of gray. It contains many representations of monsters or fantastic creatures, but also demons, skulls or mower.

* Abstract: The tattoo is not an abstract style in itself, these are abstract patterns that can be made in any style. For example many Polynesian tribal tattoos or abstract designs.