how to do your attic

An attic, casually, that’s one more room. It is to think smarter to take full advantage of the surface it offers, given the fact that the ceiling height is often reduced. Here are several ideas to make this piece more than a storeroom.

1-The common idea is that the attic is converted into a bedroom. It is indeed an option not to be neglected. Close under the hills and turn them in closet, double bed, a desk … it’s that simple. In a family home, you can turn the attic into a dormitory, with beds arranged in a square facing each other and separated by curtains or storage lockers. Have big stacks on the floor and you’re done.

2-The attic can also be used as playroom, especially if it is low ceiling. This is an ideal place for children during the long rainy days when the garden is impracticable. Layer of carpet on the floor to make it soft, mount large chests full of toys, costumes and other games. An old couch to relax between games of cards and you’re done.

3-Consider your attic as a TV room. Equipped with sofas, large cushions on the floor, a TV, DVD player and maybe a home theater. This is your attic converted into a cinema at home where everyone can go watch movies without disturbing the drives installed in the living room.

4-One last idea: turn your attic into an office. This place away from the noise is ideal to focus on issues or take stock of his day. A couch, desk, closets that can be installed in the slopes and now under a fully functional desktop and quiet. If the attic has no light, do install one or more skylights. To enlarge the space, consider have a few mirrors.