How to do zombie makeup

– Of fake blood in a tube

– Brushes, makeup sponges or just your fingers.

All these products are easily the market, the shops of party or, in this time of Halloween, in supermarkets. I get the liquid latex in hobby shops and fine arts. You can find latex makeup in the same radius as the makeup and fake blood, in this case you will have to dilute with a little water because it is usually quite thick.



Step 2

(This step is optional, it provides skin “rotten”, but you can very well do without)

Pour a small amount of latex in a container (bowl, bowl) and soak your paper towel. Remember, if your latex is too thick dilute with water. You can rip your towel into pieces if the surface is too large.

Step 3

Use your towel soaked with latex on your skin. Press to adhere the paper, do not hesitate to wrinkle, curl to create relief. The circumference of the paper should be well, however “plated” onto the skin for a better hold.

The latex contains ammonia, the drying time an unpleasant odor is released and it can sting the eyes. This does not last long. Similarly, if you have sensitive skin, apply a moisturizer (nivea type) on your face before makeup, it will protect your skin and your makeup will hold better.



Step 4

Apply a shadow black halo around the eyes, and in the hollow part of the face (the hollow of the cheeks, below the lips, hollow neck) with a brush or fingers.

Step 5

Once your latex is dry, apply your eye shadow gray (you can tint with blue, purple, green, if you feel like it) all over her face, ideally with a makeup sponge, else with fingers. Do not forget the neck (although I have not done in the photo). Where you put the black, melt the two colors with your finger. Ditto for the eye, try to degrade the black to gray, soft, still on his finger. You can add black around the eyes, lips, to increase contrast.

Step 6

Add touches of white paint, always blurring, the projecting parts of the face (nose, cheeks, chin, arcades ..) to give relief. You can also apply a touch of green or blue, or want, to simulate the decay (or purple and red for bruising).

Step 7

For the finishing touch, you can apply your fake blood spurts or sag, you scribble with … I advise you to apply at the last moment, or to add more before the march. Remember to bring your tube for touch, or you put in your mouth.

As for latex, fake blood is not required. All zombies have not experienced a violent death …

Step 8

And here you are ready for the Zombie Walk, it’ll just polish your look, hair (a little flour in her hair) and especially your attitude. Come on, now my paw all the beautiful …