How to Draw Minnie Mouse Face

Minnie Mouse is a cartoon character from the Walt Disney Pictures. Minnie Mouse, eternal girlfriend of Mickey Mouse is a mouse who wears black skirt and heels in most of the shorts. Temperament is sweet and scary, but a lot of character when he’s angry. Move to this article and follow the step by step instructions and learn how to draw Minnie Mouse’s face and if you want to see how Minnie looks completely, watch this video.

Make a grid in the middle of a sheet of 2cm x 2cm. Draw the loop Minnie. Look at the picture. Draw the outline of the face of Minnie. Look at the photo. Draw linia separating the big ears Minnie’s face. Draw the eyes. See the example image. Draw the nose, mouth and tongue. Already have drawn the face of Minnie. Review all the drawing with a black marker. With the rubber erases all pencil marks. Color the picture of Minnie’s face. To read more articles like how to draw Minnie Mouse’s face, we recommend you enter our category of Drawing and painting people.

black pen
Colored pencils or colored markers

The drawing of Minnie’s face photo has been colored with crayons, but also can be colored with felt pens, wax, paint, etc. The example is painted red tie with white polka dots. You can try to color the ribbon of different colors.