How to dress for jogging



Step 2: Insert bar reflecting on your purse or backpack or clothing. The light strips that reflect the light that catch can alert motorists of your presence even better clothing. These can be stickers or wall that easily attach to clothing or your backpack.

Step 3: Choose lightweight clothing. The comfortable clothes are made of breathable fabric like cotton. You can also choose the nylon-made, the important thing is that the fabric of the clothes are made should not be weighed. Running is an exercise that requires a lot of movement and clothing should not obstruct the runner.

Step 4: Try the clothes to see how you are. The tight clothes restrict breathing, circulation and movement. The loose clothing makes the movement difficult. Choose clothing functional, they are also comfortable.

Step 5: Choose clothes with pockets. Need a place to locate essential items such as car keys, house keys or money if you do not want to lug around a backpack. The pockets keep your hands free as it is awkward to run into something in his hand, even if small. It becomes possible to also bring objects for self-defense in the case in which there are malicious.

Step 6: Adapting to the weather and the environment where you’re going to run.