How to dye hair with leopard spots

Few hairdressers and beauty salons know how to dye hair with leopard spots so if you want to give that touch our hair we do it ourselves. If you would like to invite you to keep reading.

First, we suggest that this type of dye you apply for an extension because it is not a hairstyle for everyday wear unless that is your decision. But the same procedure is exactly the same in both cases.

First what we do is prepare the area on which we will apply the leopard spots. This sujetaremos with tongs, forks, all hair ponytails can hinder us. Secondly what we will do is iron the hair to straighten completely and leopard spots are homogeneous and circles are not where they should not.

The way to apply the dye is the same as with a regular dye, we prepare the dye mixture according to package directions in will come and once we have made ​​the mixture so you have to do is using an ear swab the outline of the spots that leopards have hair on the area we want to take.

Once you pass the time indicated on the box of dye, normally about 15 minutes, enjuagaremos hair with cold water and we will have our hair dyed with leopard spots.