how to get free internet connection

Would not you like to have a high speed connection, a first-class Internet without all those annoying and confusing wires which are usually a big problem? Having Internet via Wi-Fi is increasingly popular and common as more people are choosing this option. You too can have it, simply by following some basic steps. Here is a brief guide on how to have free WiFi at home.

How to get free WiFi at home
Step 1. Contact your local service provider Internet connection to connect a high-speed Internet (broadband), such as DSL or cable.
Step 2. Increase your speed, if you already have Internet access, because if you have only dial-up your Wi-Fi will not be as effective with only a dial-up connection.
Step 3. Make an appointment for a technician to install and service you’ll set your Internet connection.
Step 4. If you want you can buy a CD auto-installer to configure internet yourself. Follow step by step instructions for installation and configuration (alternative to step 3).

How to get a wireless router
Step 1. Buy a wireless router. Ask in your local store, in a computer store, electronics store or even online to compare prices, brands, features and capabilities.
Step 2. Look for a router with a strong signal – about 108 Mbps or higher.

Installing your wireless router
Step 1. Follow the instructions that came with the wireless router you purchased.
Step 2. Connect the router to the cable modem using the Ethernet cable.
Step 3. Open your Internet browser. Enter the IP (Internet Protocol) router, which is in your manual.
Step 4. Access your router with the username and password provided in the manual and use the connection wizard on the screen. When the installation and configuration is complete, the wireless connection should be ready for use.
Step 5. Disconnect the Ethernet cable.
Step 6. Protects the connection password so nobody else can access your wireless Internet without your permission.
Step 7. Find a friend or relative with technological expertise can help you configure your Wi-Fi if you have problems or can not follow instructions properly.