how to improve your typing skills

If not paid attention to your typing class in high school, you may be sorry now. Passing only hesitatingly on the keys and put two fingers distance becomes a waste of time – not to mention that it looks very professional. But do not worry, like any other skill, can be improved.

Think of the time you could save if you increase the speed, even a few words per minute. To help, we have selected some free services that can improve your technique, accuracy and speed. So why not make some of the sites listed below and the next time you have a few minutes to spare, rather than the soaps on YouTube, invest some time in improving your productivity. After determining how clever you are, it’s time to start to improve and correct all the misdeeds of the keyboard you’ve been using. According to the accepted wisdom of typing, the type of touch as efficiently as possible, hands should be placed on the keyboard in a particular way. For starters, learn the hand that you use and when. Proceed with more advanced tutorials and practice sessions using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols with which his fingers fly across the keyboard correctly.

If you want to track your progress, just take advantage of free registration site so you can save your work. Once you know where you put your fingers, the next step is to know where the keys. Thus, you can write without taking your eyes off the screen and you’ll see a further boost in speed.

A fun way to do this is with the online game of sense-Lang. The letters fall down the screen with the balloons to be exploited by using the correct key. It’s simple, addictive and a sure way to get to know where the letter “K” without peeking. Once your hands are in the down position and feel comfortable knowing the location of each key, the next step is to improve the speed.

Practice, as with anything, is the key to type at lightning speed. And sometimes a game can offer more excitement and encouragement of the tasks of typing every day. With some retro gaming effects, add a nice touch of urgency to get really shaking fingers. We are forgetting the number of things and have done a service in mind especially for anyone looking to improve on the numeric keypad.

In addition to general advice on technique to type on numeric keypad of your keyboard, TypeOnline offers eight online lessons to help you improve your skills and speed on the right side.