how to look thinner

4. Use dark colors
Use black is known, but not all of them is because it can highlight flaws in the face. So it is better to opt for a darker hue, the color you prefer. If you do it at the top of your body, try to use it in layers to best effect.

5. V-Necks

6. Avoid skinny jeans
If your body is shaped like a pear or apple, avoid this type of pants, regardless of whatever they are more fashionable. They make your legs look shorter than they are and so you look more round.

7. Displays leg
If you are wide of the upper body, leg teaches that all the attention go to this side. To slim your legs, the first step is depilarlas and broncearlas, even a little. Then, use heel to lengthen them and make them look thinner.

8. Say no to Round objects
If your face is round and you wear glasses, do not choose a circular frame because only increase this effect in your face. The same goes for your earrings, big earrings avoid.

9. Vertical lines
Wear clothes with vertical lines to take care of your body width. Instead, your body will look slimmer and elongate; evade because it will use horizontal lines on the contrary, will make you look wider and heavier.

10. The ideal cut
There are different cuts for each type of face and with which you can slim down your face, if only in appearance. A professional stylist can advise you on which style fits your face shape, whether round, oval, square or heart.