How to make a bag of jeans

An old jeans
A scissor
Chalk and a yard are two instruments of sewing and you will need to take steps on her legs.
Pins: Use the big ones, possibly for the skin, because the jeans are very hard and may be difficult to secure it well, especially if you do not have much experience in sewing.
Sewing: the jeans you can sew by hand, it takes quite a roll made ​​by machine. It is therefore important to be able to access this tool, otherwise you have to ask for sewing a seamstress.
Decorations: the beauty of a DIY bag is the fact that you can decorate as you think. You can then sew the spoils, fill it with staples in the Eighties style or perhaps add details in fabric, like a beautiful scarf that goes around the bag, like a belt.
Handles: It is important to choose the handles to suit the style of the bag. You may, in fact, use of wooden handles, but also build them with a belt or straps of fabric.