How to make a sling bag


There was a period of sling bags. They are very practical and fun to match, firstly because there are of all sizes, even from the beach, and then because they are highly colored. You can do at home: the technique is not complex, although it takes a bit ‘precision. You know at work ‘crochet? The base course are the crochet and the difficulty is realize with the tape, which is thicker than a thread of cotton and tends to slide.

Do not despair if at first and then do a little ‘fatigue. It takes exercise and manual, just to work the material. You have to take the measure of good points and possibly pull in the right place to stop is the structure of the bag , both to make it linear. Before you begin, find a small glossary of basis points , to make it easier to proceed.

Very low point. Must insert the hook point in the thread below and pass the ball through the point of introduction and point located sull’uncinetto.
Low point. This is a bit more complicated. We must focus the hook at the point below or on the penultimate point of the chain. At this point we need to pass the thread of the ball and form a chain stitch. Now, very simply, inside the colon formats, pass yarn and crochet hook and close them.
Chain stitch. Sull’uncinetto Put the wire and pass it in the slot, creating a point. It is important, having a simple point and basis of many jobs, a job that is smooth and precise.
High point. This point is also useful to form the chain. Put the wire sull’uncinetto, enter your instrument into the base mesh and extract it, passing it between two meshes and so on.


500 grams of cotton ribbon, lycra or polyester (the latter is much cheaper. If this is your first bag you should opt for this material). You can also take the tape in wool, but realize an item suitable for winter, with some suitable for spring and summer.
1 crochet hook. Just who is 10, but if you want you can also take the number 12. In this case, besides choosing the right tool, you should also check with what you feel really comfortable.
A pair of handles. What is going to make a handbag, so there is need there is also the handles, which can be wood, plastic, but also in mother of pearl or any material that you want. You can also create them yourself by bending two small stalks of bamboo and covering, in part with the tape that you have chosen to create the bag. Another technique is to make a chain with the race.
1 or more decorations. This suggestion of course is optional, but it’s nice to think of embellishing the bag with a decorative effect. There may be a pin , buttons, or maybe some good fun flowers , both paper and fabric (perfect for a country style).


14 such chains (the length you choose you according to the size of the bag. That is at least 15 cm). Then do a low point in each chain for 2 rounds: that way you should get a rectangle. On the third lap, always with the same point, increase the sides with two points on all corners. The base s’inarcher√† a little.



Now you need to build the ‘height of the bag. Following the base, continue to turn upwards with the low point. Your accessory will develop at least 20 cm, so plan on 18/20 laps. The last round (extra than that counted) must be realized with the low point. To finish the bag, you must apply the handles. The advice is to stop them with the tape, inside, to leave your bag clean and straight out.