how to make christmas lights flash to music

Christmas lights are the perfect lighting for any type of party, such as string lights on a terrace or in a room will create a good atmosphere. Take a normal string of lights and give more sparkle and shine. The flashing Christmas lights will make your party or your decor is more alive and more beautiful. With some changes in your current string of lights, Christmas lights will be brighter than ever. If several lines of lights together have to make the change on each string so that all flash.

1- Unplug the Christmas lights from the electrical outlet. If you are still in the packaging, remove the contents including the bulb flashing red.

2- Hold the bulb closest to the connector on the right. Hold the bulb base with his left hand. As with light pressure at the base with his left hand, pull the bulb base with his right hand. Sets focus to the side.

3- Open the bag containing the bulb flashes. The flash bulb is clear and has a painted red tip. Aligns the flashing bulb base to match the base of the bulb. They will be in the form of small rectangles.

4- Push the wires above if you are hanging, tie them to the sides of the plug. Gently push the bulb flashing on the plug.

5- Connect the lights.