How to make fabric at home without weaving machine

This method will not allow you to carry large pieces of fabric, but you can make a fabric large enough to carry a package, a wallet, a purse or a pet, or even a small bag hand. You can do this activity with your children and who understand the basics of weaving.

1- On a first carton, wrap the wool in the lengthwise to create lines parallel. If you fear that the son did not move, made with small scissors and stuck it .


2- Place two strips of cardboard in the son: the first insert a wire by jumping on two, then by reversing the second son who pass above and below.

3- Make a shuttle with a piece of cardboard. Wrap the wool on the shuttle until tight to keep it as flat as possible.

4- Hook the end of the line of the shuttle on the first yarn wound on the cardboard plate. By helping you cardboard strips to lift a two-wire, run the wire with the shuttle in one direction, and iron in the opposite direction as the other son. Continue until all the thread on the shuttle, over which you replace with another wire of the color of your choice.