how to make Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid, braid also called ear, seems so complicated to make, but in practice you will see is as simple as traditional braid. The fishtail braid is very fashionable today, when it has no place structured and more natural look and casual looks.This hairstyle will make you look effortlessly chic, something is the favorite of famous Hollywood stars who wear hair “messy” but with style and glamor.

How to fishtail braid
Step one:
Divide your hair tangle into two equal parts.
Second step:
With the right hand holds the hair section, and the left takes a lock of hair from another section of hair, crosses and add in the right part.
Do the same with the other side of hair, repeating the previous step but with the other section of hair.
Third step:
Repeat step two with both sections of hair until the end of the hair and tie the end with a ponytail.
A tip … if you want to wear this braid in the back of the head, it is best that you ask a friend to help you as it will be somewhat complicated hacĂ©rtela your own.
One of the most chic to bring this braid is on the side, as well as being very beautiful, you hacértela yourself without help. Remember, the more loosely put the locks, the braid will look more relaxed and bohemian.
Other ways to wear this style is with two pigtails on the sides, braiding the hair from the ear level, carrying a small braid mixed with the rest of the hair down … well you have many choices of style with herringbone braid, it all depends your style and personal taste.