how to make lunch Menu

A menu is the set of foods that make a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack). To develop an appropriate menu should be taken into account several factors. When designing a food menu, you should consider several aspects: number of guests, event type, tastes or habits of guests, budget and regional products that can be used. After analyzing these elements also have to have: As elected combine dishes including time of year when we celebrate the event, time, sequence of service of dishes and wines to serve with the same pairing. Wherever possible, it is good to use seasonal products.

It is usual to try to entertain the guests with quality domestic products. Venezuela because of its rich cuisine and extensive wine list offers many possibilities for making diverse menu. Also, it must carefully choose the menu commodities, foods to avoid too light or too heavy. Meals should be balanced, taking into account such factors as type of guests, time of day and date of the act.

After choosing the menu will be to develop the service order dishes. As basic rules must be taken into account: Dishes and milder flavors are served at the beginning and more flavorful dishes are served or stronger afterwards. Therefore, when creating the menu should be aware that the broth, broth and fish meat go before. The same applies to wines that are served first and then more young people with more body.

Finally, once you know how much money is available to buy and make the menu, and can make the list of ingredients for different recipes to prepare.