How to make tomato paste

Material to make the sauce

15 glass bottles for sauce or fruit juice (and of course must have their lids)
30 kg of tomatoes, preferably San Marzano, but quality must be the ripe plum and cherry.
Mix vegetables (optional)
Extra virgin olive oil
1 colander
1 car to pass the tomatoes (helps to retain the skins)
Pentololi (at least two if you want to work in parallel. They are perfect as in steel or copper)
Ladle and slotted spoon
Funnel for filling the bottles
Rags (will be very useful, especially to wrap the bottles at the time of sterilization. Used to scald your hands)
Aprons or old clothes. During the construction of the past gets on a lot, especially at the stage where it is passed and bottling. You should then use the aprons to protect and maybe even old clothes. The tomato patch and is sometimes very difficult to eliminate.

How do the past

The first thing is to carefully wash the tomatoes , to clear the land, the stem and the flower. If you have the space, place them on a board and let them dry in the sun, otherwise leave them in a colander and soak up the water with a rag. Your tomatoes are ready to be blanched in boiling water.

Drain your perini: must lose all the water, please. Now insert them into the machine to pass the preserves. From this instrument will your sauce ready to be bottled. The Board, however, is to cook it a few more minutes, maybe with a pinch of salt and sugar (to remove acid) until it is well thickened. Those who are interested in this second step can add vegetables (celery, onion and carrot finely chopped). Your pass will be much more flavorful.

The bottles must be washed with great care and then filled with the mixture until it is hot, through a funnel. If you want to spice up the concentrate can add a few basil leaves, inside the glass jar, and above, for storage, a little olive oil. The bottles must not be filled to the brim, please leave free the last 5 cm. Tightly close your bottles and boil for half an hour. Why? Used to sterilize. Taking care not to burn yourself, then pull them out of the water and place them upside down. Once cooled they can be put in the cellar or pantry (possibly a cool room) and it will keep for several months.

If not then you trust, you want to be sure that your sauce does not develop acidity or worse the Botox, there are food preservatives to be added to your product. Are usually in powder form and can be bought in the shops of large distribution. Have a defect, or tend to alter the taste a little bit. So let’s do a little salsa, one that is safe to consume and avoid the use of chemicals.