how to open a key lock without key

Can you shut the door of your house in the middle of the night and can not enter? Lost the key to the padlock on the shed? Before you pay a locksmith to let you enter or to open a lock could try to open the lock yourself. Most locks in homes and offices are simple drum locks and pins can be relatively easy to open using a pick and tension wrench, both can be improvised with objects that can be found at home. Although the process is simple and can be improved with practice, picking a lock requires patience. To pick a lock, a person must insert a thin metal pin or needle, moving the pin in a circular motion until you hear a click or a movement of gear. This article will demonstrate how to pick a lock.

You must understand how a lock. The lock pin drum and consists of a cylinder that can rotate on the inside. When closed, the drum is held in place with several pairs of pins. The upper pin of each pair is inserted into the cylinder and the inner compartment, and thus prevents the cylinder from turning. When the correct key is inserted, it pushes the pin pairs upwardly so that the top pins are no longer inserted in the cylinder. When this happens, the cylinder can be rotated and the lock will open
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