How To Prepare Sushi Tuna Roll

Sushi California
The California sushi roll is filled with avocado, crab, cucumber and masago covered.

Sushi Rice
The sushi rice is a short grain rice seasoned with rice vinegar. This rice is ideal for sushi because of its consistency and flavor.

Tuna Sushi
The sushi can be served as appetizer or main dish. It’s a very healthy dish consisting of rice boiled seaweed and filling may consist of fish, shellfish and many other ingredients.

Spicy Tuna Roll
The rich spicy tuna recipe is in Japanese restaurants.

Mango and Salmon Sushi
Sushi is a typical Japanese dish delicious. They are Japanese rice rolls, seaweed and fish, vegetables and fruit as a filling. This recipe combines the Latin flavor fusion of the handle with oriental flavors.