How To Prepare Sushi Tuna Roll

The sushi craze began in New York and today we can encourage to prepare at home. Sushi is a Japanese dish that has come to our culture a few years ago. His appearance and color make it an attractive dish. In this post I encourage you to cook and present at a dinner with friends. The basic ingredients of sushi are uncooked fresh fish, vegetables, rice, rice vinegar and seaweed. Its development is not as complicated as it initially might seem. What is clear is that, as with everything, with practice you will improve your technique and ability to make sushi. So arm yourself with patience and runs to buy the ingredients to start practicing. For cooking utensils require some very specific such as a bamboo mat and a wooden paddle. But, being the first time, we will use our usual kitchen tools.

Ingredients for Tuna Roll Sushi type:

9 slices of bread or bread box bimbo
1 package of cheese 190 g philadelphia
1 small can chipotle peppers
2 cans of tuna girls (preferably water)
cling film (plastic)
a chopped red bell pepper

The ingredients are easy to find given the internationalization of the original plate or in grocery stores supermarkets or Asian products. Commonly-used fish are salmon, tuna and shellfish. Takes note of the following recipes to prepare sushi at home.

Sushi California
The California sushi roll is filled with avocado, crab, cucumber and masago covered.

Sushi Rice
The sushi rice is a short grain rice seasoned with rice vinegar. This rice is ideal for sushi because of its consistency and flavor.

Tuna Sushi
The sushi can be served as appetizer or main dish. It’s a very healthy dish consisting of rice boiled seaweed and filling may consist of fish, shellfish and many other ingredients.

Spicy Tuna Roll
The rich spicy tuna recipe is in Japanese restaurants.

Mango and Salmon Sushi
Sushi is a typical Japanese dish delicious. They are Japanese rice rolls, seaweed and fish, vegetables and fruit as a filling. This recipe combines the Latin flavor fusion of the handle with oriental flavors.

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