How to remove grass stains from clothes


With the arrival of warm weather increases the opportunities to spend time outdoors and to have picnics in the park, needless to say, however, that when we are at the park or sitting on a lawn, the risk of staining with ‘grass is very high, not to mention, then, the children run, play and love to wallow in the countryside. We see, therefore, a remedy to remove grass stains from clothes and live our moments outdoors without the thought of dirt.

Obviously, there are several products on the market that promise to remove stains from your clothes but also grass, as often happens with these things, there are several natural remedies and DIY to intervene in this type of stain: Let’s discover some.
Remove grass stains from cotton and linen garments

If the leader is to remove stains from cotton or linen can be applied to the stain of cold milk and then put them to soak before you do the washing if the stain is dry, rub with lemon juice and then rinse with lukewarm water.
Remove grass stains from clothes of wool

If the stain is on a piece of wool , gently scrub with a solution of warm water, alcohol and ammonia (three parts water, one of two ammonia and alcohol), then rinsed with water and vinegar.
Remove grass stains from whites

Definitely see a patch of grass on a pair of trousers or a white T-shirt is not exactly the best, fortunately, however, can be taken to limit the damage. Generally, to remove grass stains from whites just hold them to soak in hot water and then rinse them, and if the stain is stubborn you can deal with cold milk or alcohol.



Remove grass stains, Grandma’s remedies

One of Grandma’s most effective remedies to remove grass stains from fabrics of cotton, is to provide a mixture of egg white and glycerin in equal parts, treat the stain with the mixture and then proceed with normal washing. Alternatively you can go rub the stain with soap and dry your clothes in and then leave before the actual washing.


There’s more, according to other remedies grandmother’s infallible, grass stains can be removed with ammonia or, applying the stain, a mixture composed of half soap and half perborate of soda powder and then proceed with the normal washing; this remedy is particularly effective for treating whites.
Remove grass stains from jeans

In principle to remove grass stains from jeans are valid methods indicated for other garments, even the virtue of the fact that the jeans is a tough fabric. In any case, we see the various possibilities to remove the grass stains from jeans.

Prepare a solution of egg white and glycerin in equal parts, miscelatelo well and apply it on the jeans with the help of a cloth and rub to remove more dirt as possible, rub with cold milk and then, to remove any remaining egg white and glycerin, the jeans to expose a normal wash. A second solution provides for the preparation of a compound based on one part ammonia or vinegar and three parts water, in which leave the jeans to soak for a couple of hours.

Finally, an effective way to remove grass stains from jeans is to apply a small amount of kitchen degreaser on the spot that previously demented you wet with water and rub gently then rinse with water.