How to spend christmas time with family

The secret so that everything goes well at this time so notable is the anticipation and positive attitude. Follow our tips for the holidays are the best of your life!

- A perfect family Christmas
The secret is that everything goes well the anticipation and positive attitude. See our tips for passing a perfect Christmas.

Before D-Day
- It organizes all the practical details a few weeks ago: I bought the return ticket, I estimate my arrival time, I have a dessert for everyone, I bought all the gifts and are already involved.
- I prepare psychologically to hear reflections are not always pleasant: my mother talk about my appearance and my sister asked me if I have not put on some weight. I decide to relax, I train to smile at all.
- I mime: I chose my dress fairy conscience and my golden shoes, grant me a little massage and feel beautiful. I’m ready!

- They say music tames the beast, so I took a collection of carols and let the Christmas spirit invades the atmosphere.
- I offer my help to the hostess of the house to show my good will and create a complicity quickly.
- I enter KIDS in the kitchen to participate by developing small star-shaped shortbread, etc.. It’s easy and fun, and teaches them that Christmas is not just a shower of gifts, but a moment of sharing and exchange family.
- Propose common activities such as decorating the tree together, organize a party game, watch a movie … A good way to strengthen ties.
- Helped to prepare a beautiful Christmas table with candles, wine glasses and branches of holly. For the table, I propose to draw children festive labels with the name of each and place them on plates.
- After Christmas dinner, I invite everyone to put their shoes under the tree, keeping the story of Santa Claus, and I hope that the children are asleep to fill them with clementines and candy, and let hidden all the gifts.
- If I receive a gift that I do not like (for example, a soap, bath balls and lavender body lotion), I take important and I remind myself that the most important Christmas is to spend time with people who want. Disguise my disappointment and I thank you warmly.
The next day
- I facilitate the digestion of food giving me one day detox: vegetable broth and teas galore. In short, clean my system of all parasites and I prepare to attack New Year’s Eve!