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How to split files on Mac
August 4, 2012
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You have a very large file that you want to share with another person via email or store on a DVD and do not know how? In these cases, the best solution that can take you chop the files into several parts, in order to transport it or store it with greater ease. Use a Mac and a PC? Even better. For the system of the apple there is a very simple program to use called MacHacha which allows to split files on the Mac makes it extremely easy and fast. How about if we see together how to use it?

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If you want to know how to split files on Mac, connect to the official website of MacHacha and download the program on your computer by clicking on the words Download v. 4.0.1 (Intel-only Snow Leopard and Lion) if you use OS X Lion / Mountain Lion or on the words Download v. 4.0 (Universal 32-64 bits, pre-Lion) if you are using an older version of Apple’s operating system. After downloading, run the file machacha.dmg just downloaded and installed the software on your OS X MacHacha dragging the icon in the Applications folder.

Now, start MacHacha so as to bring its icon in the Dock and drag the file to be split on it. This opens a screen where you choose the method in which to separate the data (eg, HJSplit, WinSplit, etc..) And size as to take in each segment file by typing in This Rules. Finally, click the OK button to begin the process of splitting.

Within a few minutes (the duration of the subdivision depends on the size of files to be split), all the segments that make up the chopped version of the selected file (eg File.001, File.002, File.003, etc.). Will be saved folder of the source file.

To join the files with chopped MacHacha, just start the program, select File> Alphajoin from the menu bar and select the first file segment to be unified. Alternatively, on Windows PCs you can use some free programs such as HJSplit.