how to stay warm without heater

With rising fuel costs and increased concern for the environment, many people are turning their thermostats and find alternative ways to keep warm. Gas and electric heaters and oil burners consume a large amount of money and there are cheaper ways to keep warm in the house with a little ingenuity. One way is very weatherproof your home, make sure that doors and windows are properly sealed and insulated. Crafty old homes consume a large amount of excess heat. Sealing leaks and the doors and keep windows tightly can keep warm and out of projects, thereby saving on heating costs because they do not have to produce as much heat to maintain a warm home.

There are many other preventive measures and tips to keep warm, not hot. The placement of curtains and placement of a carpet can block airflow and make the floors warmer. Attic insulation and crawl spaces also allow more heat to be held indoors. If you decide to keep the thermostat, the heat dress around the house. Wearing a hat inside can be as beneficial as the use of an outdoor winter as most of your natural body heat escapes from your head. Dressing in layers and wearing socks to keep the house warm enough to not have to raise the temperature. Staying active and moving, exercise also helps. A good twenty minutes training produces body heat and keep warm long after your workout is over. The kitchen is also a good way to raise the temperature of the house. The heat generated by a furnace and the steam generated by cooking increases the moisture level at home and keeps moisture heat well. Keep the oven door open after cooking can also generate some extra heat for a house.

When planning ahead for the winter months, make sure the sunlight as much as possible hits home. Check and see if there are barriers to deflect sunlight and remove them. The sun is a natural source of heat to remove whatever is blocking to get at home. Some people put a dark carpet in a sunny area of ​​the house to absorb heat as much as possible. A dark carpet absorbs the sun’s heat and help maintain a warm environment.
Drink warm, lighted candles and use a hot water bottle or an old sock stuffed with your dry beans or corn microwave heater can serve as a staff. If you have made a conscious decision to avoid the heat down, or the heat is due to a malfunction, it is important to be creative and find ways to keep warm. A cold house is never comfortable, but there are ways to keep warm without heating.