How To Study More Efficiently and Productively

Traditionally the way to measure and assess productivity is referred to the point of view of operations management, together with financial analysis, reflect the mechanistic management approach and Ford, and seeking to assess the productivity of organizations schemes through quantitative indicators reflecting the degree of achievement of targets, an approach that does not take into consideration issues such transcendent within organizations such as the technical knowledge, social, and human factors attitudes toward work and organization, where these dimensions offer real challenges (in terms of the definition of variables) to assess organizational productivity taking into account the nature, conditions, and culture through which each organization develops, but from studies made to the Air Force of the United States by Robert Pritchard et al (1987) The measurement of organizational productivity evolved thanks to able to establish functional relationships between different sets of performance indicators of the human factor and its contribution to organizational productivity. Today the approach developed by Pritchard has been considered complementary to the mechanistic approach.

As discussed above, an organization is considered productive when it reaches its goals because achievement transform their inputs into outputs optimizing the application of their resources in ways that will mean the lowest possible cost. However, the concept of productivity may differ depending on the area of ​​knowledge from which it is intended to address. In fact Pritchard (1987), notes that there are five perspectives through which to study productivity.

Plan customized to your needs: any matter and level.
Previous diagnosis to determine your needs and difficulties of learning and motivation and to act directly on them.
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Your results will improve considerably and notes.
You’ll feel more motivated and gain self-esteem and confidence.
The methods of study will serve for the remainder of your academic life. You can learn to learn.
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