how to tell him I want to marry

Most women dream of the day will tie the knot at the altar, raise a family and livehappily ever after. Aging with the man in your life and eat partridges. The ideal marriage of commitment and grows with us for a social and emotional development. Worse if you are around 30 years and now feels the time has come, as the biological clock begins to show signs of alarm, but how to tell the couple?Although you can not generalize the right time, definitely establish how strong is yourrelationship. Your man is a person who loves you, loves you and spend pleasant moments with you, but he shuns the commitments? Does grimaces when you sayyour aunt is holy and Peta are invited? These responses can give you a clue abouthow committed you are to the relationship.

The basic advice, of course, is not to think ask if they have little time relationship.Talking about marriage and children very early in a relationship can make you look like a desperate woman and this can get very nervous couple.
Another way to approach the subject is indirectly telling how your past relationshipsdid not work because of their lack of commitment and vision long term. According to the reaction of your partner know what you want in the future.
You can not say anything, but ask you about what you want or what you think about it.That’s when you can present your ideas in a clear, without much roll.
Can you take the surprise and find that your significant other thinks like you and thenproblem solved. If not, give it time to get to know better, solidify the relationship, when needs arise and commitment.