How to test computer microphone

Connect the karaoke microphone to your PC and configure the Windows SoundThe microphone can be connected directly to a stereo or sound card.
If your stereo has Karaoke function is recommended that you connect directly to your computer. Follow these steps:
- Connect to PC Microphone
- Configure Windows to activate the Micro
- Configure Windows to record the sound
- Troubleshooting

Micro karaoke

1 will locate the sound card in the back of the computer, for example:

Vista sound card
the microphone connector is usually red in color, usually accompanied by a small microphone-shaped pattern.

2 The microphone includes an adapter 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm. To connect the sound card will be removed.
To 6.3 mm adapter

3 Connect the microphone to the microphone input of your saudio microphoneound card (see step 1).

Now you can test the microphone and if you do not hear, take the following steps.
1 Go to the properties of sound from KaraokeKanta using the login button:
Properties of sound (on the left)
You will see the following dialogue:
Volume Control window
if you can see the section on microphone (Box 1) jumps to step 2.
Here we must check that the “Mute” is off (Box 2) and the volume is high (Box 3).

2 If you are here is because it has appeared to you the “Microphone” in the previous section.
In the same dialog above, click the “Options” and select “Properties”, you will see the following dialogue:

Properties window
here you have to have the “Playback” selected (Box 1) and activated the “Microphone” in the list (Box 2), accepts the dialog and check point 1
The steps are similar to the previous setting.
1 Go to the properties of sound from KaraokeKanta using the login button:
Sound Properties window (on the left)
2 In the “Volume Control”, click the “Options” and select “Properties”, you will see the following dialogue:
Here you select the “Recording” (Box 1) and activated the “Microphone” (Box 2) and the “mixed output” (box 3) on some cards the latter may appear as “What U Hear”, accepts the dialogue.
3 Now you will see the dialog “Recording Control” eye! this is not the same as “Volume Control” this sets the outputs for recording.
Here you must check in the “mixed output” (Box 1) or “What U Hear” you must activate the “Select” (Box 2) and the volume is high (Box 3).

If you have selected the microphone and record your voice like music, just click on “Select” to disable the microphone. Automatically activate the “mixed output” or “What U Hear”, and you can record.

I hear the sound of the microphone but it sounds very low.
Check the microphone volume (see point 1), if you have the volume to maximum and still the same, see the section “Volume Control” dialogue of point 1, this controls the volume of all sounds on the card.
If you still barely audible, dialogue, point 1 click on the “Options” and select “Advanced Controls” will see that in the “Microphone” has come down a button that says “Advanced”, click on it, A dialog will appear, select the option that appears at the bottom “Strengthening microphone.”
If after this still does not sound, you probably have problems installing the sound card or a problem with it.