How To Treat your Parents

There are issues to be addressed and explained, as they often do not know how to act, under certain circumstances which are of daily living and no one explains the why of things. We have been taught that we should always respect our parents, however, and with all the respect they deserve parents are often the ones who do not respect their children. Here are some tips to understand our parents, especially when we crossed the age of adolescence do not know where we are almost exactly.

Always be in any relationship from parent to child or children to parents, or any other relationship that exists between human beings should demand respect, respect for talk, act, to decide, for review. Without this (respect) we can never move forward and understand the why of things.

Whatever the circumstance we have to expose you to our parents, we must pay close attention to the explanation they give us in determining if a father says it is his opinion and point at that time and with all respect should you require a logical explanation, if there is no logical explanation that either the father does not want to give it, the child should express what they feel while maintaining the education and respect for them and they should say, ‘I do not share if idea or explanation but for the respect you deserve as a parent will act in the way he asks. Another factor is the time to understand them is that they obviously have lived longer than you as sons, and the experience they manage to give them the best advice, that is why we must abide by most of the time their indications.
So the best advice we can apply to understanding them is always with the respect to understand their request, also remember that while they are the ones who keep everything in our person will always feel the right to the child, and one as a child must also understand that most of the time it gives them the power to make decisions for us.