how to use orange for your skin

Besides the drinks, orange juice has bleaching effect. Orange peel and seeds also exfoliating, your skin will become toned, smooth. Here are some suggestions for you:
1. Orange juice
Orange juice can help increase capacity. Therefore, after mobilization, you should drink a glass of orange juice. 85% of water in the orange juice will help release your thirst. Sugar and orange juice help you quickly recover physically.
After the orange juice, you should take immediately. Because if so long, will air the vitamin rapidly decline. Add salt to the higher efficiency. Also, you can also use orange juice to remove.

Wash towels with orange juice, towels to rub the entire surface. After 5 minutes rinse in clean water. This way you can not remove just might eliminate the scum and slime on the skin surface. The sensitive skin you may feel secure when using this method.
After cleaning the skin using orange juice, you should avoid exposure to sunlight.
2. Orange County
You can make the commitment to nuclear facial massage.
2 tablespoons finely ground orange seeds to a powder, then mixed with water, you get new makeup cosmetics.
Massage 1-2 times per week will help improve the resistance of the capillaries in the skin, your skin will become more muscular. Those with sensitive skin should try before taking skin reactions are not. You try applying the mixture into the ear, after 50-10 min wash. If you do not see what the reaction can be safely used.
Orange seed flour also works to cure rheumatism.
Why orange seeds until all dry ingredients and oil, being careful not to fire back, then ground into powder. 3-5 grams of this powder mixed with a glass of water, drink after dinner. Long-term use will have certain effects on arthritis patients.
3. Orange peel
Orange peel massage exclude dead cells. You go to the new orange peel into a handkerchief, rubbed directly onto the elbow, elbows, knees, heels … these are rough parts to eliminate dead cells, making skin smooth more. This approach works accelerate metabolism, improve the resistance of the capillaries of the skin.