How to Use SpeedFan


Did you know that your PC is suffering excessive heat? You say, how can the computer being a thing? And instead is just that. If you pay attention to the noise made ​​by the fans, as you know are those in charge to ensure that your computer can become hot working, you will see that in the days of hot weather is different than usual.

In fact, the PC influenced by temperature and the normal running speed at which the fans, with the increase of the heat is insufficient. To prevent your PC without having to go under stress and possibly inconveniencing a technician to intervene on the BIOS to change the speed at which they run the fans, if there is a problem like this, you can use SpeedFan. It should be noted however that as with all programs that modify those that are the standard settings of your computer, should be used with caution, especially if you are completely empty stomach matter.

SpeedFan is a freeware program that with a few simple steps will allow you to automatically change the speed at which the fans running to cool to be up there where the various parts of the PC. If you are interested, in order to use SpeedFan, you have to download it.

To do so, the first step is to connect to the official website of the program and click on the link SpeedFan 4.46. Once finished downloading the program, run the executable you just downloaded and follow the wizard that is proposed to install the program.

How to use SpeedFan once installed on your PC is very simple. To open it you just click the program icon on the desktop and clicking on Yes and then the Close button you’ll see the SpeedFan main screen where you will find listed all the computer components near the optimal temperature range for successful the computer.

To change the fan speed using SpeedFan you must first put the check on Automatic fan speed, and then click the Configure button to change settings in the program related to the speed of the fans. In the window that opens, you must indicate for each computer component, its temperature by acting on the fan speed.

To do so, you have to put the check mark to items Speed01, or Speed02 Speed03. Then by going Speeds tab you must select the appropriate speed that you have previously selected for each component by setting the fan speed from a minimum to a maximum value to which they must run.